With Wise Dispatching’s established motor carrier network, we can help your company reach your customer base on a daily basis, thereby creating and maintaining brand awareness through use of our cost-effective approach to advertising.

If your customer/client is driving on the highway, hopefully they aren’t playing with their smartphone, but focusing on the road. And unless they’re tuned into the radio station that you happen to be advertising on for 30 seconds or passed your stationary billboard, they probably missed you.

Welcome to the world of mobile advertising, a boutique form of on-the-go advertising reaching the daily commuting traffic nationwide.

For every mile a carrier drives, it is estimated that anywhere between 62-88 people will be impacted. A study shows that a single truck will impress nearly 4,500 viewers hourly, 44,000 daily, 308,000 weekly, 1,232,000 monthly, and 14,784,000 yearly all assuming a 7 day work week.*

We offer your company this unique 24/7 advertising method by placing your advertisement on our client’s semi-trailers  that routinely cross state lines all while promoting your company’s brand for a low flat monthly rate. It is a known fact that moving and stationary semi-trucks will turn heads and create ever lasting impressions, all 53 feet of it!

Companies seeking to advertise only have to provide us with the advertisement, and  Wise Dispatching will do the rest including:

• Production of the advertisement
• Installation of the advertisement on the Carrier’s trailer
• Removal of the advertisement

We only use the best carriers to promote a company, and mechanisms are in place to ensure that a company’s reputation wont be compromised.

Companies and/or carriers who are interested in this opportunity can find out more information on our “contact us” page. Please don’t forget to submit all of your information so that a Wise Dispatching representative can quickly address your inquiry.

*CALCULATIONS ARE BASED ON U.S. DOT national historic traffic count averages in the top 20 U.S. Media Markets.

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