wise-dispachingWise Dispatching offers the following services at extremely competitive rates:

Services To Be Provided Rates
Per Dispatch Feedispatch $Flat Rate or 5.0% of the gross paying load. Decide which price will suit your truck’s needs when you sign up for the service!
2290 Highway Vehicle Use Tax Form Preparation2290 #Trucks  $ 1-10      75.00

11-24    100.00

25-100  150.00

>100     180.00

Trailer Advertisingkit kat See Trailer Advertising
Get Set-up With a Factoring Companycash advance Free, See FAQ 12
Income Tax Preparation, Accounting Services, & Consultingincome tax prep See FAQ 18
Website Servicesweb See FAQ 19

At Wise Dispatching we’ll perform all of the following services for YOU(Generally, most Carriers require 3-4 dispatches per week)

• We’ll find freight;

• We’ll professionally negotiate rates so that your company will be receiving the highest rate per mile for the freight being carried;

• We’ll perform credit checks with factoring companies (if desired);

• We’ll complete the set-up packets for Shippers and/or Brokers;

• We’ll help your company get set-up with a reputable factoring company if needed;

• We’ll request a certificate of insurance listing the Shipper and/or Broker as a certificate holder;

• We’ll dispatch the drivers with load information providing pick-up/drop-off times, addresses, and contact information;

• Lastly, we’ll keep your drivers and equipment moving – increasing your bottom line!!!

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