Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


Q. I have a trucking company with 5 trucks and looking to outsource my truck dispatching needs to Wise Dispatching. What is the sign up process?

A. The sign up process is very simple. To begin working together, all we’ll need from your company is your MC authority acceptance page, completed I.R.S. form W9, insurance certificate reflecting industry norms of $1,000,000 liability and $100,000 cargo insurance, cab card, and Wise Dispatching’s sign and dated service agreement (One of our Representatives will e-mail your company our standard service agreement). Also, your company should be able to provide at least three (3) references, but in no case are the references required.


Q. What type of trucking companies does Wise Dispatching generally work with?

A. We work with Owner-Operators pulling one (1) tractor to Trucking companies operating full truck fleets, however, our ideal client is operating 20 or fewer trucks. We also work with manufacturers and the like utilizing dedicated lanes to deliver/ship product to their customers, but are searching for back/front hauls in order to prevent running empty.


Q. What type of equipment does my company need in order to work with Wise Dispatching?

A. Currently, we are only finding freight for dry vans, reefers, and/or flat-beds.


Q. What are the benefits to outsourcing my company’s truck dispatching needs?

A. The benefit to outsourcing your company’s truck dispatching needs solely depends on the type of company you are currently running. See the table below:

     Benefits to Outsourcing Truck Dispatching
Single Owner-Operator Company with multiple trucks Company only looking for front-haul or back-haul loads
Work 1 on 1 with a professional Truck Dispatcher Work 1 on 1 with professional Truck Dispatchers Work 1 on 1 with professional Truck Dispatchers
Work  schedule is made for the week Reduce payroll taxes Save time
Save time Reduce unemployment insurance No more searching load boards
No more searching load boards Reduce business expenses No more filing out burdensome paperwork
No more filling out burdensome paperwork Reduce health insurance premiums No more freight negotiating
Only have to worry about driving now Reduce office expenses Enjoy the benefits of working with a freight consultant
No more freight negotiating Reduce equipment expenses
Enjoy the benefits of working with a freight consultant Reduce software expenses
Personalized service for a fraction of a cost
Enjoy the benefits of working with a freight consultant


Q. After I sent in all my paperwork what is the next step?

A. Once your company sends in all the necessary paperwork, a Wise Dispatching Truck Dispatcher will be assigned to your account. Your designated Truck Dispatcher’s duties is to understand your lanes, schedule, and types freight to be carried. They will work closely with you throughout this initial process. Wise Dispatching’s Truck Dispatchers are professionals and thoroughly understand the freight market. Our goal is to keep you and your equipment moving at profitable rates utilizing our dispatching strategies. Drivers may have requests as to where they would like to drive, and those requests will always be reasonably honored if the Owner-Operator utilizes their own equipment, but we will always express our concern if you decide to travel to a non-desirable area.


Q. Where does Wise Dispatching find freight?

A. We’ll find your freight through brokers and/or shippers and connections developed through our professional networks.


Q. Which brokers/shippers will you be using to find freight?

A. We will use brokers/shippers that pay the highest freight per mile. If your company is worried about the broker/shippers ability to pay, we can perform credit checks if desired.


Q. Will I need to fill out any paperwork with the brokers/shippers?

A. Once we begin working together,  unless asked specifically to do so,  you will not need to fill out any more paperwork to haul freight for shippers/brokers.


Q. What is the freight booking process?

A. Once we have all your paperwork and our Truck Dispatcher understands your freight needs, then he/she will begin searching for loads. They will present you with the best loads options
and discuss rate, weight, type of freight being carried, single or multiple pick/drop, and other pertinent load information. If you decline the load we will search for another one until
you are satisfied. However, this back-and-forth process with a Carrier and Broker/Shipper can be very demanding and freight can be sold to another Carrier during this time-sensitive
negotiating process. Our Truck Dispatchers always use professional judgment and are trained to find the best paying freight. We heavily emphasize to our clients to inform us beforehand as to
what acceptable per mile rate they will be comfortable with to avoid freight being sold to another carrier during this process.


Q. Once a load is booked, how will I know the load information?

A. Once a load is booked, all the involved parties will be emailed the original rate confirmation. Your assigned Truck Dispatcher will send a text with all the load information to the
driver. Wise Dispatching expects every client to have email and text messaging capability.


Q. How does my company receive  payment for  hauling freight?

A. Wise Dispatching is not a broker selling freight. We simply provide a cost effective service to motor carrier companies interested in outsourcing their truck dispatching needs. Once you haul freight, payment can be expected either through (a) the broker/shipper or (b) your factoring company if utilizing one. You will be responsible for having all the necessary paperwork in order to properly invoice the broker/shipper and/or factoring company. We never become involved in a Carrier’s billing procedures.


Q.  What is a factoring company and how can my company benefit from utilizing one?

A. A factoring company purchases a carrier’s receivable at discounted rates, usually from 3%-5% of the gross paying load, essentially advancing payment for that load . Generally, a carrier utilizing a factoring company, should see payment directly deposited into their bank account within 24-48 hours upon completion of the load. A carrier utilizes a factoring company’s service due to the carrier’s high costs involved with operating a trucking company and lack of liquidity. Routine costs that carriers are burden with are fuel, insurance, truck payments, maintenance,  and breakdowns. Unless a carrier has a strong balance sheet, we strongly recommended carrier’s utilize this service and we can assist your company in becoming acquainted with a reputable factoring company.


Q. How will I know the payment terms and conditions of the broker/shipper my company hauled freight for?

A. Generally, the  rate confirmation will reflect all payment terms and conditions, but if requested, we will send you the broker’s/shipper’s set-up contract. A broker’s/shipper’s contract thoroughly describes their payment terms and conditions.


Q. Does Wise Dispatching offer fuel advances for the freight being carried?

A. No. Those concerns need to be addressed with the broker/shipper and/or a carrier’s factoring company.


Q. How often must payment be submitted  to Wise Dispatching for services rendered?

A. Unless other arrangements have been established, payment must be submitted on a weekly basis.


Q. If detention occurs on a load, will Wise Dispatching assist me in negotiating detention rates?

A. Once a load is booked, unless cancelled due the broker/shipper (our terms and conditions are stated in our contract), Wise Dispatching, Inc.’s service has been provided. The Carrier can engage us as representatives to negotiate detentions rates at the greater of $40 or 10% of detention payment. It is important to remember that detention is paid at the grace of the broker/shipper and in no case is absolute.


Q. How many trucks will be assigned to my personalized Truck Dispatcher?

A. We never assign more than 5 trucks per Truck Dispatcher. We want to ensure that each and every client is serviced appropriately, and we’ve determined that Truck Dispatchers are most effectively and efficiently utilized dispatching 5 or less trucks.


Q. On the Services and Pricing page lists website services. What kind of website services does Wise Dispatching offer?

A. Generally speaking, in today’s marketplace,  the very first thing people do is search the internet for what ever they need, and freight services is no exception. Wise Dispatching understands this, and wants to help owner operators/transportation companies get their name out there! We want you to be a very successful business. Our website services include targeting and registering the ideal domain name for your business,  develop your company’s website, and offer search engine optimization services for a very competitive price. Don’t lose the good freight because companies can’t find you, call today!

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