Saving on Fuel Advances

Operating a Trucking Company has various costs built into it, and a main one is fuel. Roughly 50% of the operating cost incurred by a trucking company is related to fuel, and since the companies net profit margins hover  between 12%-15%, every point counts. Trucking companies requiring a fuel advance can incur up to an additional 5% cost reducing their already slim margins to netting 7%-12% on their business operations.   An easy way to boost the Company’s bottom line, and at the same time either building cash reserves or planning for an extravagant vacation, are credit card options.

For those Owner Operators or Trucking Companies that have good to excellent credit, an alternative way to receive that same FREE fuel advance, and at the same time plan a future vacation; credit cards are an obvious option to explore.

Different banks offer various benefit programs for using their credit cards and depending on a company’s situation, that’ll be the deciding factor into which company credit card should be utilized.

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