Timmy (Company Owner), “Ever since my company signed up with Wise Dispatching we’ve been hitting our average targeted rates consistently. Each truck in our fleet is earning over $5,000 a week!! By outsourcing my company’s freight dispatching needs to Wise Dispatching I’ve lowered my payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, and employee health insurance premiums that amounted to thousands of thousands of dollars in savings.”

Johnny (Owner-Operator), “Wise Dispatching has been a true life saver. I was stuck on the western side of Colorado and couldn’t find a load to get me home. My buddy referred me to them, and they found me a paying load out of Grand Junction, CO for $1.76 a mile!! I have been with them ever since.”

Oscar (Owner-Operator) “Running a reefer trailer has been hard, but since signing up with Wise Dispatching, my average weekly rate is generally around $7K-$8K, while my highest week hovered near $11k.”

Cledus (Owner-Operator), “I feel like I’m working with John Deere himself. Wise Dispatching provides extremely useful knowledge. They know the lanes, rates, brokers, shippers, pretty much everything you’ll need to know when trying to make a buck. I can honestly say, most of my weeks’ average nearly $2.00 a mile.”

Robbie (Owner-Operator), “I love the profitable lanes Wise Dispatching sends me on! Since I’ve made the wise decision to outsource my freight dispatching needs to Wise Dispatching, I’ve eliminated the need to search loads board, fill out the paperwork, and waste precious time. My responsibility now is just to drive and generate revenue.

Disclaimer: Per mile/weekly rates can not be guaranteed and fluctuate based on actual market conditions.  

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