At Wise Dispatching, we try and make the billing as easy as possible. Currently, we do not take any credit cards, however, checks, direct deposits, bank transfers, bank debits, and PayPal are all acceptable forms of payment. With the exception of the nonrefundable administrative fee, all trucking clients should wait until an invoice is issued prior to submitting payment for any dispatching services rendered.

Payment Via Check:
If paying via check, please make a check payable to Wise Dispatching and send to the following address:

7235 N. Western Ave

Chicago, IL 60645

Payment Via Bank Transfers/Direct Deposits

If paying via bank transfer or direct deposit, all account details will be shared after dispatching work has begun.

Payment Via Automatic Bank Debiting

Clients can provide their bank details to Wise Dispatching so automatic debits can be generated.

Payment Via PayPal

Wise Dispatching

Payment Via Dwolla

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