At Wise Dispatching we keep it simple and to the point. By outsourcing your company’s truck dispatching needs the stress from finding a load and completing the necessary paperwork in order to carry freight for the brokers and/or shippers becomes eliminated. If Owner-Operators truly want to run efficiently and effectively, they should never be wasting precious time searching load boards nor be bothered with filling out burdensome paperwork.

Transportation companies, depending on the size of their truck fleet, need either a single or multiple in-house Truck Dispatcher(s). At Wise Dispatching we can provide you that same service for a fraction of the cost.

Whether your company is operating only one truck or numerous trucks, the benefits to outsourcing your truck dispatching needs to Wise Dispatching will save your company’s (A) time and (B) money by lowering the following business expenses from maintaining full-time employee(s):

• Payroll Taxes;
• Federal and State Unemployment Insurance;
• Health Insurance Premiums;
• Office Expenses;
• Travel;
• And Other Business Related Expenses From Maintaining Employee

The following documents are required to begin work:

1. Completed I.R.S. form W9;

2. Up-To-Date Insurance reflecting industry norms of $1,000,000 in Liability and $100,000 in Cargo Insurance;

3. MC Certificate of Authority;

4. Wise Dispatching’s Standard Service( Including Carrier Profile) Agreement Signed and Dated;

5. And Cab Card

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